Monday, June 13, 2011

Made From Scratch Tuesday 6/14

Summer time means grilling time around here. But sometimes we get tired of the same old burgers, so time to spice them up a bit! Stuffed burgers are a great way to do this.

Taco Burgers

 What you'll need:
1 lb ground beef
1 packet taco seasoning

Start by mixing the taco seasoning into the beef. Split beef in half and make very thin patties out of one half. Spoon on salsa and add chunks of cheese

With the other half of your ground beef, make more thin patties and top the first set. Make sure to get a good seal! You can also add egg whites to the edges for a better seal.
.Grill and enjoy!

Now, it's time to link up some of those great dishes you make from scratch!
Here are the rules:
1. You can link up as many posts as you'd like.
2. My only content rule is it has to be made from scratch.
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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Oh, wow! Those look divine!

Miz Helen said...

Hi Jen,
Your Taco Burgers look great! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!
Miz Helen

Unknown said...

Dang Girl! Now that is a burger!

NCSue said...

Thank you for hosting.
I have a page on my site that lists more than 250 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to to visit & participate.

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

Thanks for hosting the great party!
The burger is making me droool!

apple blossom said...

wow looks yummy and I bet you could do that as a meatloaf too. thanks

Ott, A. said...

Your taco burgers look really creative, as do all the other recipes linked up this week. Thanks for hosting!

Tadka Pasta said...

Thanks for hosting this good lookin' line-up. We're linking up our Pop's Peppery Chili with Pickled Onions and Indian Corn Flat bread, all from scratch for Father's day :)

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I love the stuffed burger idea. I've been wanting to try something like this for a long time. I think this blog post is all the encouragement that I need.