Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not Just for Cooking

cThere are a lot of things to do in the kitchen other than cooking, especially when there are kids involved. Last Sunday was our first "Arts and Crafts Sunday". And I would call it a success. The kids have asked to do it again. Here are some of the crafts we did:

Native American Head Dresses

Construction Paper
Wide Tape (I suggest painter's tape)

Cut the construction paper into four long strips. Measure child's head and staple strips together so that it will fit snugly just above the ears. Select feathers to use and lay them out side by side, quills next to each other. To attach the feathers, lay out a piece of tape twice as wide as the feathers. Wrap the quills of the feathers together using tape. Then staple the tape to the construction paper on the inside.

Thanksgiving Tree

Construction Paper (many colors)

Using brown construction paper, make a trunk for your tree. Attach this to the wall. Have kids make leaves using various colors. If you want a more traditional tree, use red, brown, yellow and orange paper. If you want the kids to be more imaginative, let them use any color they want. I would suggest making a few patterns for them to trace and cut out. You'll need several leaves, so this could take a while! After all leaves have been cut, have them write something they're thankful for on each leaf. Glue leaves together, edge to edge so you can read what they wrote, in a large circular pattern. Once your leaf cluster has dried, tape this to the wall above the trunk. If you used several colors that don't normally appear on trees (i.e. pink or blue), have them name their tree. Maybe it's a Rainbow Oak?

Next Sunday will be another Arts and Crafts day, so I'll be sure to post some of our activities then too!

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