Monday, July 18, 2011

Made From Scratch Tuesday 7/19

 It's hot....really, really hot. Most of the US is dealing with this insane heatwave and it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. My poor husband has to work outside all day in it. So when he came home today, I had this waiting for him:

That doesn't make the working outside all day any better, but at least he had something to look forward to when he got home.

Here's how to make Mint Oreo Ice Cream
Ice Cream Base:
2 1/2 c half and half
8 egg yolks
1 c sugar
2 1/2 c whipping cream
1/8 t salt
2 t vanilla

4-5 drops mint extract
1/2 a package of mint oreos, crushed

In a medium saucepan, heat half and half until hot, but not boiling. Remove from heat. In mixer, mix egg yolks and sugar on low for about a minute, or until mixture thickens. Slowly mix in half and half until fully incorporated. Return mixture to saucepan and heat on medium until small bubbles form around the edges and mixture is steamy. Remove from heat and mix in whipping cream, salt, and vanilla. Chill at least 8 hours. I have the KitchenAid ice cream maker which requires a 15 hour freeze time for the bucket. So I make the base up the night before and the next day, the base and the bucket are ready to go.

To make the ice cream, set up ice cream maker and turn to "Stir" setting. Slowly pour in ice cream base and let mix for about 10 minutes. Add in min extract and mix for another minute or two. Then slowly add in crushed oreos and continue to stir until desired consistency. I let it go for about 18-20 minutes. At that point, it's a very soft ice cream, so we pour it into a 2 qt glass bowl and cover with the lid. After about 2 hours in the deep freezer, it's just the way we like it!

Want another great ice cream recipe? Check out Four Leaf Clover for a dutch ice cream twist you'll love! It's a little different sounding, but we tested it out and loved it!

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Linda said...

That looks delicious!

Ms Bibi said...

Yummy, exactly what doctor ordered,lol

Thank you for hosting I am sharing my Summer Low Calorie Potato Salad.

Jill said...

Hi Jen,
I shared my GF Zucchini Pancakes with a video!

Megan said...

Ice cream...perfect for this heat! thanks for hosting.

Angee said...

That looks so good. I love mint ice cream but hubby doesn't. I might just have to make some for myself :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting ;)

Sharing Chicken Cacciatora today.

Leontien said...

oh my that is a lot of linkies to check out!

They all look jummy to me!

And yes thank you for coming over and i do hope you try the ice cream and pepper!


Sara said...

I linked up my mint choc chip - but now I want to try your mint oreo! Yum!!

laurie said...

Looks delish!Perfect for this hot weather.

Cranberry Morning said...

Words cannot express.. WOW. I'm dragging out my electric ice cream maker this week for this recipe!

Carol@easytobeglutenfree said...

Yum! Love homemade ice cream!

Our Italian Kitchen said...

That ice cream looks fantastic! Mint and oreos= yum! Thanks for hosting!

Marie Photographie said...

It's so funny that most of the country is having a heat wave when us Washingtonian are still waiting for summer to arrive. Perhaps you all are hoarding the sun?? :)

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Amanda said...

That looks awesome! Makes me realize I NEED an ice cream maker.