Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Settled in....and Chickens!

So we're finally settled in to our new house....and we are completely loving the new house, new area, and new surroundings!

We had to do a little work to the house, including adding a wall and doors to create a master suite in the former family room.

I'm so glad my dad and husband are carpentry-inclined!!!

Then we had to buy a new stove and dryer.....which were unexpected purchases! But as soon as all of that was done, we were able to dive into the fun stuff! We planted a few fruit trees. 

Then we moved on to the next project.....chickens!

With the chicken coop built, we were ready to pick up the hens, or as I refer to them.....the ladies

We've really enjoyed getting to know their personalities, and of course the eggs!

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