Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chicken Helper-Sweet & Spicy Teriyaki

As a part of General Mills Hamburger Helper Community, I occasionally receive product samples to try. We received a couple of samples a few months ago (yes, I know....I'm waaaaay behind in actually posting this). We got to try out a couple of new products, both of the Chicken Helper line-Sweet and Spicy Teriyaki and Orange Chicken.

I tossed the cut up chicken into the skillet, then started reading the directions. Oops. Note to anyone else who is going to try one of the new Ultimate Helpers-the meat gets coated with the seasoning BEFORE going into the hot pan. Tossing the seasoning in the pan with the chicken still got the flavor right, but I did learn my lesson!
The teriyaki sauce and some water finish off the mix.

The box also comes with white rice. We added the broccoli. 

What I liked: Excellent flavor! Wow....just as good as my mom's teriyaki recipe (but I'll never tell her that). It had a nice spice to it, but wasn't too much for the kids. 

What I didn't like: Not enough rice. And the husband doesn't like steamed rice, so I had to make him fried rice to go with it. Our free sample had a bit more spice than the ones they sell in the stores. Too bad-the freebie was better. 

Verdict: Since this post is a bit late, I can tell you we've bought four boxes since our freebie. It's super delicious, even the less spicy version. 

We also tried out the Orange Chicken Helper. I used pork shoulder steak instead of chicken and made a box of Chicken Rice-A-Roni instead of the white rice it comes with. There was literally not a drop left in the pan. 

As a member of the Hamburger Helper community, I occasionally receive products free of charge. The information and above product have been provided free of charge by Betty Crocker and General Mills through MyInsite. However, the opinions in this blog post are those of myself and my family.

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