Friday, April 10, 2015

After the Hatch

Our chicks are nearly three weeks old now and they are growing so fast! They started out so very tiny. These guys are less than 4 days old.

Here they are about a week into life.

We ended up with a couple chicks with scissor beak. One of them is fairly pronounced, the other is relatively minor. Here's Skizzers. Amazingly, she eats and drinks just fine, even though her beak is crossed.

And we have one who's legs didn't develop quite right.

We had her separated from the others in their tank, but she got too big for the box, so now she's in her own chicken mansion. And now I have a spare bedroom that looks like this:

Now at nearly three weeks old, they are over half way feathered out and just about ready to go outside to their grow out pen. 


Amanda said...

Random chicken rookie question: Will the beaks ever correct themselves? Or is it a a lifelong disability?

Jen Pinkston said...

Their beaks will always be like this, but it doesn't seem to bother them at all. This still eat and drink just fine and are growing right along with the others!