Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Decorating with Fondant

Sorry, no recipe this time. But, my husband and I have been dying to try decorating a cake with fondant. Several years ago, my mom did a cake for my birthday with fondant and made it look like a pizza. I wish I had pictures from that, but we'll just have to settle for the picture from Saturday's attempt!

The base cake is pumpkin. I needed a solid base that wouldn't sag under the weight of the fondant. Pumpkin is a heavier cake so it worked out great. We bought three Wilton food coloring gels (red, black, and brown) to make everything. We made the brown for the crust, keeping it light and not really mixing all the coloring in to give it the swirled, oven baked effect. Then I tinted some store bought icing dark red to make the "sauce". We tinted a little more fondant red and cut out circles for the pepperoni. I used the left over brown from the crust and added more brown to make the mushrooms. I have never in my life thought I would need a mushroom cookie cutter, but I really wished I had one! Shannon tinted a little more fondant black and cut out olives. It turned out great for our first attempt. Now that we are comfortable with the basics, we're planning our next cake that will involve carving! I'm so excited! My sister is trying to escape my mom's house for a night or two sometime this summer and wants to try one herself. It looks like we're going to have a cake decorating summer!!

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