Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Salsa

I love summer. Really, love it. And not just because my birthday happens to be July 8 (hint, hint) or my favorite holiday is July 4. There are so many wonderful things about summer. But on my top five list is fresh produce. Normally at this time, my garden would be full of all the ingredients I need. Unfortunately, someone didn't get my tomatoes planted in time, so we're a little behind. Fortunately, the great guys at Youngs farm opened their stand up today, so we're in business with the first fresh salsa of the year!

I bought four tomatoes, one large onion, a clove of garlic, an ear of corn, and a couple of green peppers. I also used some of my jalapenos I canned last year, a couple tablespoons of vinegar and a few tosses of kosher salt. Why kosher? I have no clue, but that's what I had in the cabinet. My husband claims he doesn't like corn in the salsa, but I do, and he eats it anyway.

I love salsa because you can make it however you want with varying ingredients. Hopefully soon, I'll have salsa completely from my own garden and I'll have some yellow tomatoes and red bell peppers to make it more interesting. I love to make different versions of it almost weekly during the summer. I'll try to get some pictures posted this summer of different things we make with the salsa. In the mean time, visit your local growers and make some salsa!!

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