Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cookies and Salsa

I'm going to claim this as a "Jennifer Original", but if it's been done before, I apologize! It wouldn't be the first time I thought I was a genius, only to find out it had been done before. See my brookies/crownies. But here goes!

To start out, you need to make your "chips". I use lace cookies, which are traditionally a Christmas cookie. I've seen many versions of these, but I suggest this one.

Now for the salsa! The best part about this is you can make it any way you want it. This started out as a way to use up all the berries I received from my friends with berry patches. Indiana strawberries are probably one of my all time favorite foods. They're not as big as the California berries you generally see at the store, but they are so sweet and delicious. Combine those with some blueberries, raspberries and mangoes, and you have a fantastic fruity salsa.

I went to the Mooresville farmer's market today, but to my dismay, not one single piece of fruit. Fortunately, I still had some friends with some unused berries and Marsh supplied the rest for me. I went all out this time and used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, mangoes, tangerines, apricots, and nectarines. I'll warn you now, this part is very time consuming. You'll need to cut all the fruit up into tiny pieces. This is very important! Otherwise, you just end up with fruit salad and the juices don't mix together the same way salsa does.

Once you have your cookies and salsa ready, it's time to eat! But wait! There's more!

Feeling extra creative today??
When you take your warm cookies off the parchment paper, drape them over the handle of a wooden spoon to cool. Once they're cool, carefully remove them from the handle and you're left with a "taco"!

Maybe you're a taco salad type of person...lay the warm cookie over a glass bowl turned upside down. Now you have your "bowl" for the shell and you can fill it with salsa to make your salad.

Or, you can make all of them and have a fruity fiesta!

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The Mom-tage said...

I love the little tacos! So cute! Thanks for sharing this with us over at The Mom-tage!


Becky said...

I'm a new follower! I've always wanted to try some fruit salsa.

Amie said...

Those look great! "Cookies and Salsa" threw me off a little but I've got to try those! Thanks for sharing!