Saturday, November 20, 2010

From the Farm Dinner

With the varied tastes in our house, it's very hard to find something we all like for dinner. One of our household favorites is breakfast for dinner.

We picked up our half a hog a week ago, and have been enjoying the tasty meat ever since! The sausage is amazing and makes the best gravy! (Oddly enough, I don't like gravy, but I can make it like nobody's business)
We get our eggs from my aunt. Let me clarify...we get our eggs from her chickens. You may notice they're a little more yellow than normal. We call them the radioactive eggs! 

You may notice that our pancakes are green. You see, in our house we don't do boring pancakes. Mostly because I don't like them. Yes, I do not like pancakes. I know, weird. Anyway, sometimes it's chocolate chip pancakes (which I DO eat because, well, they're chocolate) and sometimes it's strawberry banana pancakes. If I'm short on fresh fruit, we do colored pancakes. It's always a big deal on who gets to choose the color.  Being the lazy mom I am, I make it an all day competition. The kid who is the most polite all day gets to choose. Tonight, Thing 3 won the honor and we have green pancakes. It really does not take much to amuse these kids. A few drops of food coloring can make an evening. 

On another note, we finished up the Christmas tree last night.

Can you tell this house is ruled by girls? I found purple lights to match my purple beads this year, so obviously, I had to go buy pink and purple ornaments!! I'm trying to get into the Christmas Spirit for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Check out those links to If you find something you like, enter the promo code 121728 for 10% off all products or 202234  ** - free shipping promo code for electronics. 

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Cranberry Morning said...

The best time for pancakes or waffles is at dinner, in my opinion. :-)Not sure about the green, however. My food can get green just leaving it in the back of the refrigerator long enough. ;-)

So you're the second blog I've read where the tree is already up and decorated! I've gotta get busy!!!

Lana said...

We, too, LOVE pancakes for supper! I thought maybe you were doing your own version of Green Eggs and Ham ;-) LOVE the trees too!

Jent said...

I love breakfast for supper - we call it brupper!