Monday, January 2, 2012

Made From Scratch Tuesday 1/3

 Made From Scratch Tuesday is back from the holiday break! I hope everyone had a happy holiday season and is ready for 2012!

One of the things we did over the holidays was pick up our beef. We bought a side of beef from a local producer back in November. After a few weeks hanging time and processing, it was ready for us to pick up last week. We've only bought quarters in the past, so the sheer amount of beef we picked up was almost overwhelming!

One of the other things I like about buying our beef this way, is we get to choose how it's cut and packaged.

More on that on a later post....

Another thing I love about buying our beef like this is all the bones! And bones mean stock! It seems like I never have enough stock in the freezer, so I make trips to the butcher throughout the year to pick up more. Although, they really hooked me up this time. I left with bags and bags of bones. Want to guess what I spent my Saturday doing? Making stock!

I started out with the bones and enough olive oil just to cover the bottom of my 22 qt pressure canner/cooker.
I slightly browned the bones then added 4 large carrots (broke in half), 4 ribs of celery (broke in half), 2 onions (quartered), salt, 1 T whole peppercorns, 4 bay leaves, 2 cloves of garlic, 5 fresh basil leaves, a sprig of rosemary, 1 t thyme, and 1 t savory. Then add enough water to fill the pressure cooker between 1/2 and 2/3 full.

Then, lock on the lid and turn the heat up. When I could hear the steam coming out, I turned the heat down to low and let it cook for 45 minutes. Then turn the heat off, but keep it on the burner and let it cool down. After the pot cooled enough to be able to touch it, I carefully took off the lid to check out my stock.
My stock had a great aroma and a beautiful color. Now the only problem was storing it. As you can see, our freezer had reached its limit. So, I condensed it down by transferring to smaller pots and simmering until most of the water evaporated. This also gave me a good chance to skim off some fat. When it was all said and done, two batches of stock in the pressure cooker was concentrated down to 10 of these little containers, which fit in my freezer perfectly!

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Jessica said...

Happy New Year! Today I posted an easy applesauce recipe full of probiotics.

Anonymous said...

Gotta LOVE homemade soup stock! I made chicken noodle soup and stock over the weekend.

It is also fun to have a freezer full of new beef. Enjoy!

Best Wishes to you for a great 201.

Robyn said...

I shared my Slow Roasted Chicken. Thanks for the diagram of cuts -- very informative!

Jennifer Florin said...

Thanks for the description on how to make the broth! I learned something new today. Your blog is so great to read. Happy New Year!

OneMommy said...

Looks delicious! I haven't gotten beef that way yet, but we did get a deer processed this year...

Aroma Rice Cooker | toolsforkitchens said...

Happy New Year, Jen! Wow, that is a lot of beef. Your idea of concentrating your beef stock is very clever. Sounds like you have an exciting year of meals ahead of you. I shared a buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing recipe, a carnival style caramel corn recipe, a Greek moussaka recipe, a German pork and sauerkraut recipe, and a sesame chicken meatballs recipe today. Thank you for hosting us again and have a great week!

Christy @ toolsforkitchens

Jenny said...

I love being able to determine size and cuts of a side of beef (or pork) too. We are big stew meat and steak eaters in our house, we rarely roast.

steve harman said...

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