Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Will Blog for Buttah

Dear Blog,

I apologize for neglecting you. If it weren't for bloggerdroid, I'd probably never get half my posts up. But Bloggerdroid isn't perfect; sometimes you end up with a gravity-defying glass of wine. Sometimes only the real blogger will do. 

Most of my online time has been spent couponing and preparing for shipping trips. Now, I'm not going to be an "Extreme Couponer", but I did score some free pasta at Kroger last week! I'm sure you're all well aware of my upcoming trip to Savannah. What you may not know is the less than shoestring budget I have. The original purpose of this last minute trip was to relax on the beach. And when we planned this (last Wednesday), we were planning on going in late June. But, it wasn't meant to be that way and now we're forced to go in less than 2 weeks! Keeping all that in mind, can you really go to Savannah without eating at The Lady and Sons? Ummm NO! Hence, my three hour coupon session to afford said meal and lack of time to blog.

That got me thinking...what else can we do to experience more of Savannah? I'm not sure how your mind works, but in our minds, if you going to the beach, that means seafood! Now we have to add Uncle Bubba's to the list.

Ok, now we have our restaurant selection going. next up...drinks! Savannah is said to be one of the most haunted cities in America so it seems appropriate to have a haunted brewery. Ok, haunted brewery tour-add that to the agenda! Ooooh! And the Distinctly Disturbing Tours!

In the land of plunder and paradise, of course we have to add The Pirate's House to the list! Here's some info I found on them "Since 1753, The Pirate's House has been welcoming visitors to Savannah...The Pirate's House first opened as an inn for seafarers, and fast became a rendezvous for blood-thirsty pirates and sailors from the Seven Seas. Here seamen drank their grog and discoursed, sailor fashion, on their exotic high seas adventures from Singapore to Bombay and from London to Port Said."

Beyond the food and drink, there are so many historical things we want to see and do. This girls getaway is getting expensive! We haven't even made it to the beach yet!

Yeah…we’re going to do all the touristy things—just with some creative financing beforehand!

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Ott, A. said...

Sounds like some great tips. (And I like the sign: will walk the plank for beer.)

Leontien said...

haha yep great tips! But no plank for beer for me!


Miriam said...

Cute post! :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Amanda- Eating in Winnipeg said...

Happy weekend! Don't forget to come over and share a recipe at Savory Sunday!!

Sally Watkins said...

You should checkbout savannahoffthebeatenpath dot com. Savannah has much more to offer than the usual touristy places. On Tybee, you should check out AJ's for seafood and a great sunset. Hope you a a good visit!