Saturday, May 28, 2011

At the Lady and Sons

I'm sitting here in Savannah so of course I'm eating at Lady and Sons. I have to say, I'm completely unimpressed. According to my travel companion, the green beans and fried chicken are greasy "salt licks". And the mashed potatos have no flavor.

Although, I had the tilapia which was AMAZING! It had a great peach sauce on it, adding just the right amount of sweetness. As for the sides, I know we're in the south and all, but there are literally puddles of grease deep enough to dive in to on my plate. Yuck!

My verdict, unless you can stomach all the grease and salt, buy your momento in the gift shop and skip the restaurant....and the 5 hour wait to be seated.


ann said...

That is a shame they are over rated. Too bad maybe they have a new cook???

Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, definitely not my type of place to eat. Always good to carry a bag of almonds for situations like this. :-)

Audrey Keating said...

To give everyone an idea about how much salt we're talking about, I took 1 bite of everything and my tongue burned for almost an hour. Nothing tasted right all day and I couldn't even tell my tea was sweet. There wasn't really anything on the menu that any one of us couldn't cook. If you visit Savannah, save your money!

Lana said...

Would this be Miss Paula's restaurant? I'm so sorry for the disappointment! Go find some ghosts in the haunted, historic buildings and shake it off! It's a beautiful old city!