Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artichoke and Spinach Pizza

The theme ingredient for this month's Iron Chef Challenge is artichoke. I'll be the first to admit artichoke is not a vegetable I cook often. Don't get me wrong; I love artichoke. I just never cook it. The husband, on the other hand, is not an artichoke fan. I "forgot" to tell him I put artichoke hearts on this dish and  he raved about it! Go figure.

Spinach and Artichoke Pizza
What you'll need:
Artichoke hearts
Fontina Cheese
Romano Cheese
Olive Oil
Red Onions
Pizza crusts (I used sandwich-style flat bread because it's like two circles joined together and I thought they'd make cute mini pizzas!)

First, I steamed the artichokes and cut up the hearts. Don't worry, I didn't throw the rest of the artichoke away. I munched on it while I was waiting for the pizzas to cook! (The best way to munch on artichokes is to have a small dish with melted butter and salt handy!!)

To assemble the pizzas, drizzle the crust with just a bit of olive oil and add sliced red onions. I'm a cheese person, so I added a little bit of the Fontina cheese here too!

Next, pile on the spinach and artichoke!
Top with more Fontina and Romano cheese
 Bake at 400 until the cheese has completely melted (8-10 minutes) and serve!

 These pizzas were delicious! Artichoke and spinach are a perfect match and the red onions provide just a bit of crunch to make it interesting!

A big thanks to Ott,A and Ocean Mist Farms for sponsoring this Iron Chef Challenge!

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Cranberry Morning said...

I would never have thought of this! In fact, I don't remember the last time I thought of artichokes :-) but this really looks good!

Ott, A said...

Love all the cheeses you used on this pizza and glad to see you fooled the hubby once again. Thanks for linking up to the Iron chef Challenge.

Lana said...

This looks so good, even if I would be the only one in my house eating it! YUM!