Monday, October 3, 2011

Made From Scratch Tuesday 10/4

On to the next Gooseberry Patch recipe! It's been a few weks, so I'd better get back to it!

Tonight, I picked a recipe from the "Can't Miss Casseroles" section. I don't make casseroles too often, but I decided to give this one a try because it sounded so easy and yummy! 

I made a few changes to the recipe based on what I had on hand. Instead of 3 cans of mixed vegetables, I used a can of corn and a can of green beans. Instead of crescent rolls, I used flaky biscuits. I also substituted cream of broccoli and cream of celery for the cream of chicken. And since I'm being honest here, I used Tyson frozen, fully cooked chicken breast chunks. They're so convenient and have a great grilled taste!

To begin, I mixed up everything except the rolls in a 13x9 baking dish.

Since I was using precooked, frozen chicken, I put it in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes, or until the chicken thawed out. Then I pulled it out and added the biscuits. Back into the oven for 18 minutes, until the biscuits browned.
It was delicious...and a total no-brainer, which was perfect for the Monday I had!

Now, it's time to link up some of those great dishes you make from scratch!
Here are the rules:
1. You can link up as many posts as you'd like.
2. My only content rule is it has to be made from scratch.
3. The post you link up MUST CONTAIN A RECIPE!
4. If you want to put my button somewhere, that'd be cool. You can grab the code for the Made From Scratch Tuesday button on the top right of my sidebar.



Jill said...

I shared my videos for making grain-free DF roll out cookie dough and coconut whipped cream!

toolsforkitchens said...

Hi, Jen. I shared my grandmother's Lithuanian chow-chow recipe today. Thanks for hosting us again this week!

Lana said...

Since we are in the field now, I'm flying by the seat of my pants at meals. You would have been proud of me Monday night. I thawed out asparagus I picked this spring and already cooked shrimp. My new trick for the asparagus is to "fry" it by just putting it (kind of thawed) in to a fry pan sprayed with PAM or some kind of spray and let it start cooking. After pouring off any excess water, I sprinkled some seasoned salt on it and let it brown on all/most sides. The shrimp had some butter and garlic to swim in, and Poof! Supper. 3 out of 4 thought it was delish. My Bear isn't liking much of anything these days! sigh......

Christy @ Tools for Kitchens said...

Hi, Jen. I shared a hearty beef stew recipe today. Thank you for hosting us at your link party again this week!