Thursday, October 6, 2011

ScratchTruck and GroovyGuysFries: Indy Food Truck Experiences

Yay for Indiana weather! Actually, I'm serious this time. We're in the middle of an Indian Summer of sorts. That basically means we've had a frost, but temps are back up in the 70's and even approaching 80's. That will be great this weekend we go to Anderson's Orchards and pick out our pumpkins and do a little apple picking.

But the part that's been the best this week has been the food trucks! Since the weather has been cooperating, I'm loving the walks outside to get to these guys! I try not to eat out for lunch very often, and usually do pretty good about bringing my lunch. But this week, I've been a slacker. I've eaten out twice this week. But in my defense, I bought my food from food trucks. So that means I'm supporting local business and it's good for the economy, right? Well, that's my rationale and I'm sticking to it.   :)

Anyway, the first of the week brought Groovy Guys Fries.
I really wish I had a pic of the Steak n Cheese fries, but I was hungry! Picture a mound of fresh fries topped with thin sliced steak and melted cheese! Like a deconstructed philly cheese steak. Their menu also includes sweet potato fries!!! You definitely need to check them out and try some of the fantastic fries!

Next stop this week was Scratch Truck

Scratch is comfort food with a trendy twist. Let me tell you about the grilled cheese...

This is nothing like that wonder bread/cheese food product stuff you at with your tomato soup as a kid. This is munster and colby jack cheese (not cheese food product), red wine braised short ribs, caramelized onions and arugula, all toasted up into a gooey, melty, savory piece of heaven....with fries.

These folks are living my dream, whipping up classics with a gourmet twist on the go. Maybe one of these days I'll have my own truck, selling an eclectic variety from pumpkin flavored marshmallows to duck stuffed mushrooms. But for now, I'm glad Indy has a great variety for me to choose from!

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ann said...

I think you would have a fantastic food truck. Keep that as a "dream"