Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

This post was linked to some of the parties shown here

Canning Week is coming! August 23-27 is canning week here and over at my blogger buddy's page here. We'll be having a linky party, recipes, tips, tricks, and GIVEAWAYS!!! See the button on the right? Go ahead and slap that on your blog and let me know so you can get your entries in early. We're also on Facebook! Join up to our group for an additional entry!

Wow! We're less than a week away from Canning Week!!! I'm so excited I could almost pee my pants!!! We are ready to go!!

Here's Thing 3 and Thing 4 picking apples:

Yes, I let the 6 year old play with cut with my self sharpening knives!!

And we have our Giveaways Ready!!!! (This is only PART of our giveways--There are MORE)

All the excitement starts MONDAY! Mark your calendars! Grab our buttons! Hold on to your seats! Canning Week is coming!!!






Lana said...

ACK! I supposed this means I had better go check my apples and possibly pick some between now and then! Geez, just when I thought I could pick up my feet and catch up on my reading..........;-)

Jen said...

That's right rest for us!

Linda said...

My apple tree is a weird one...the apples are ready in the summer..the main crop that is and I already have new flowers blooming for a Fall crop! I can't keep up with it! We have put up and given away so many apples! Great give away!