Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canning Week Wrap Up

Did you know that August is National Canning Month? And did you know that Ball celebrated it's anniversary this week? Gee, it's almost like we planned this or something!

It sure has been a great week! We're so glad everyone joined in on the fun. We had lots of great recipes you all shared with everyone. The canning post contest winner is over at Ott,A's page. Congrats to everyone who entered. Whether you're an old pro or a canning newbie, I hope everyone was able to find some useful information here. We'll keep the Facebook page up as a resource for everyone and future Canning Weeks (do I see a sequel coming??).

We had over 300 entries for the fabulous giveaways! And I know you're all waiting for the winners to be announced, so here they are:

Fresh Preserves Starter Kit #1
Congrats to Roberta Bales Davis! Her winning entry came from joining our Facebook page!

Fresh Preserves Starter Kit #2

Congrats to Christy from Frugality and Crunchiness with Christy ! Her comment is from Ott,A's post about Tomato Juice!

Ball Canning Guide

Congrats to Penny from Plate to Plate! Her winning entry came from her Linky Party entry for Canned Tomato Sauce!

Paula Deen's Recipe Journal

Congrats to Katie from Pinke Post! Her winning entry came from posting our badge on her site!

Apron/Potholder Set

Congrats to Siteseer from Where the Road Takes Us! Her comment is on Ott,A's Salsa post.

Winners: Please email me @ jenperfla at gmail dot com with your shipping information so we can get your great prizes sent out.

A HUGE thank you to Jane from Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms for being our guest judge (and giving out her cookbook to the winner!!!) and promoting our canning efforts.

Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms

Don't forget you can also buy her book on Amazon! I just bought a copy for my mom. It was supposed to be a surprise, but if she reads this, then I guess she'll know it's coming!

 I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as we did!


ann said...

I really enjoyed the recipes for canning. I would like to try the peach honey sounds great.
I freeze the tomato juice and use it all winter Just nice to have something you made to eat.

Lana said...

Great job Jen! You and Ott. A did an awesome job sharing your knowledge and fun ideas. Time to put a lid on it. ;-)

Cranberry Morning said...

Speaking of Ball, our daughter worked at Ball State University while her husband was a grad student there. When I told one of my friends that they were at Ball State and lived in Muncie, IN - she said, 'Yeah, that's where they made Kerr jars, isn't it?' LOL

Jen said...

It's amazing what comes out of people's mouths sometimes! I went to Ball State and a lot of my family still lives in Muncie. I remember freshman orientation when they spent almost 2 hours talking about the Ball brothers. Every time I can, I have a mild flashback to that day!

Kimberlee said...

I didn't get to try canning this year, but maybe next year. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's photos of their canning goodies on all the differnt blogs out there!

Katie said...

I NEVER win anything! I am so excited. Thank you. This was a fabulous week I loved and most importantly became a true canning woman on the prairie from your recipes and insight. Thanks again.

Amber said...

Someday I will try canning... just not this year :(
Thanks for stopping by Follow Along Fridays and congrats to all your winners!

Christy said...

WooHoo!!! Thank you so much! I will email you today!

siteseer said...

YEAH ME!!!!! I'm so excited to receive my apron and potholders. I'll be all set to try all of those canning recipes!!! Yeah me!!! Thank you so much for hosting such fun contests!

Another Bobbi Creation said...

Thanks for the cookbook Jen...can't wait to try out some of the recipes. I'm so proud of you for embarking on this canning adventure! I'm sure the canning kit will come in handy, too. With love, your "Forever 29" Mom