Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Just Another Day

I like my job, some days better than others. Most of the time, it's ok. It's a paycheck, and in these tough times, that's more that many people have. Then there are days like today. I had a great time out in the field and learned a lot!

It started with the drive to Rensselaer.

Lots of windmills up and down I65

LOTS of windmills

Just to be clear here, I WAS NOT DRIVING!

We're getting closer...I see cornfields!

Now that we're here, everyone is checking their points

Then we spent some time in the corn fields

Did I mention the amount of time we spent in the corn fields?

Then we saw some random goats in a drainage ditch

Maybe I'm just a city girl, but I can honestly say that was the first time I've ever been driving along and look over to see goats right at the roadside!

Soon, the day is almost over...and we were getting to that deliriously tired state

"They call me S to the C, yo'
And that corn behind me makes your Fri-to"


To be clear, she did NOT say that.

Oh, I almost forgot; we spent some time in the corn fields

And saw a few windmills on the way home

It's days like today when I go home and realize how lucky I am to be paid for this!


Lana said...

Ok, If you take away the goats, you would have the view out my window every day! I was in Rensselaer today too ( and last night for that matter! Both thanks to IFB! BTW, I HATE trying to spell that town's name all the time!) Glad you had such a great day for the tours!

Katie said...

It's almost as if you were living on the North Dakota prairie near me...wind mills and fields. That's my life every day! Only very, very few goats. And not on the road side.

carmen said...

Looks like an enjoyable day. Most days I envy those who work outside, as I am stuck indoors. Found you through Pink Dandy Chatter blog hop!

Ron Cooper said...

Good to see you on Pink Dandy Blog Hop! My Facebook fan page, “Inspire!” has quotes, poems and stories to inspire you. I’d like to invite you to stop by!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

love the pictures! Your story cracked me up.

Thanks for stopping by my blog hop. Have a great week!

alicia said...

Not sure where you were, but it looks like my neck of the woods in Iowa. Happy WW. Thanks for linkin up.

Uyen said...

so funny! ok, I'm definitely a city girl because I have never seen a corn field in real life! Thanks for the pictures and laugh!

Its A Blog Party said...

Love the pictures!
Thanks for linking up!